Interesting Diary Extract from 1954!

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Have you ever wondered whether previous generations had the same issues that we all have? Well, Arthur W. Ennis Senior (1909 - 1984) has given us a small insight into the trials and tribulations of the feed milling industry in 1954.

"Friday 1st January - Up at 9am - Day a bit frosty. This year looks very bad for business - eggs are down to 1/8p per dozen from 3/6p per dozen. So therefore feeding hens does not pay resulting in less feed being bought as less eggs will be exported. The sawmill will be very quiet as 50% of our sawmill trade is egg box stuff."

We wonder what else A.W. Ennis Senior has this space to find out!

Posted on Wednesday, 1 May 2019  |  By Emma Cairns

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