Pedigree Bull and Beef Feed


Beef Diets

We have a range of both pelleted and coarse rations, designed for cattle destined for beef production. All feeds are balanced with protein, energy and minerals to give excellent growth support to your beef cattle. From calf to finisher, we have the ideal ration for your herd. 

As with all beef rations, when feeding over 3kg per day, give over two feeds.

Contact us on 049 854 7588 to speak to our ruminant nutritionist to get the best from your stock. 

Pedigree Bull Feeds


Bull Krunch

16% crude protein

Complementary feed for Pedigree Beef animals. To be fed with suitable forage [Min 30% Drymatter Intake].   Do not feed to Sheep.   Max feed level of 1kg per 100kg live-weight.


Pedigree Calf/Bull Creep feed


Suitable for creep feeding, suckling or weaned calves

Beef Feeds Coarse:


Supreme Bull Beef Krunch

16% crude protein


Designed for top performance, this finishing ration will yield excellent live weight gains and can be fed at high levels.


Superthrive Calf Grower to Beef

15% crude protein


Ideal ration for the growing calf destined for beef production



Supreme Bull Beef Finisher (High Maize)

13% crude protein


This high cereal based ration is suitable for store cattle, heavy weanlings and finishing cattle.


Fodder Extender MVT

14% crude protein

Complementary feed for cattle and sheep to be fed with a forage. Ideal as a part replacement for forage. Not suitable for intensive feeding of ram lambs.

Beef Feeds Pellets:


Supreme Bull Beef Nuts

16% crude protein


This is ideal for intensive systems and creep feeding young stock. It is a cereal based, high energy nut formulated to promote high live weight gain and excellent grading characteristics and kill out %.


Super Thrive Beef Nuts

16% crude protein

This is the ideal beef nuts for weaned calves through to beef and is the first choice to complement grass or silage.


Hi Gain Beef Nuts

16% crude protein


This nut provides vital nutrition to promote good liveweight



Suckler Cow Nuts

16% crude protein


Complementary feed for suckler cows with forage. Minimum feed level as an aid to prevent hypomagnesaemia: 3.5 kg/cow/day. However, contains high levels of selenium so maximum feed level of 0.8 kg per 100 kg live weight.


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