Calf Feed


Calf Diets

Calf feeds manufactured at AW Ennis provide optimum nutrition for calves of all ages. Formulated to high standards of nutrition for growth, our calf rations are available as a coarse feed or pellets and promote good live-weight gains with balanced energy amino acids, vitamins and minerals for an excellent start in performance.



Supreme Calf Weanling Krunch

15% crude protein

This diet is recommended as an introductory feed during suckling and can be fed through the weaning process.


Calf Krunch

18% crude protein 

This coarse feed is recommended for artificial calf rearing systems or as in introductory creep feed for suckled calves. To be fed from 3 days of age through to 12 weeks.


Calf Krunch Follow-on

16% crude protein

Complementary feed for calves from 8 weeks of age. To be fed with a suitable forage (Minimum 30% dry matter intake. Do not feed to sheep.


Supreme Calf Nuts

16% crude protein

Complementary feed for calves, to be fed with a suitable forage and not to be fed above 2kg/100kg liveweight. Do not feed to sheep.


Supreme Calf Weanling Pellet 

16% crude protein

Ideal for creep feeding of calves and weanlings


Calf Grower to Beef

14% crude protein

This product is a cereal based diet, ideal for calves both bucket fed and natural suckling systems, progressing on to beef.




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